Pre-emptive Strikes

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Sometimes the situation might require you to Hit or Kick first.  For example, if the threat is clear or you are trapped in fear for your life. You will in all likelihood have to justify your actions after the fact and establish that you were in real danger  Clearly you cannot have a debate with yourself as a confrontation is brewing, but you can leave or defuse the situation, if that is at all possible.

You do not have to wait until he moves physically

You may feel you are trapped or in fear for your life.


It may be clear that if you don't strike, he will.


Using First Strikes to Pre-empt Attack

 “Turn the Tables”

·       Hit First, Hit Fast

·       Keep Hitting until you can Escape

·       If you strike first and keep hitting, you will survive

·       Threat is Clear, Danger is Present

·       You are Trapped with no Escape

·       Pre-empt and Hit First!

You must be in fear of serious harm or you will have legal problems with this.

He’s too close, move or hit now.

·       Action is faster than reaction, so move first!

You have to be within 3 ‘or “close the gap” to Hit them first.


Forearm smash with step in



·       Lull him with relaxed non-threatening posture or pose

Divert his attention by asking questions or talking…then Launch Quickly in the midst of conversation!

He has just said he is going to beat the fecal matter out of you.


This guy is getting ready to punch.


Another similar defense.


View from other side. 


Hypothetically he has threatened you.  The demonstration is of how to kick someone standing beside you like in a hard-knock bar.

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents


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