Won't I get hurt if I fight back?  Isn't it better to just give in?

No, whether it is a full out attack or someone who doesn't understand limits

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Defenses Against Rapes - Background Information  "How to deal with Muggings and Sexual Assaults"

 "Consistent study results show that forceful and immediate resistance strategies are successful and do not necessarily lead to greater injuries". 

 Dr. Judith Lewis Herman Trauma and Recovery 

 " The women who remained calm, used many active strategies, and fought to the best of their ability were not only more likely to be successful in thwarting the rape attempt, but also less likely to suffer severe distress symptoms even if their efforts ultimately failed.

 "By contrast the women who were immobilized by terror and submitted without a struggle were more likely to be raped, but also to be highly self-critical and depressed in the aftermath."

 "Women's general high sociability, however, was often a liability rather than an asset during a rape attempt.  Many women tried to appeal to the humanity of the rapist, or to establish some form of empathic connection with him.  These efforts were almost universally futile."  

"Injuries that women sustained were the results of the rapists initial blows and strikes, but not a result of their resistance strategies"  Sara Ohlman, University of Chicago.

If you choose not to defend yourself, let it be because you have assessed the situation and decided that it is far too dangerous to defend yourself, not because you do not know how to or you think that you shouldn't.

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