What if he Ambushes you?

Car Jacking another kind of Ambush 

The Natural Reaction to an Ambush is to Flinch. That's Ok, just recover and survive.  As soon as it is possible, turn towards the attacker and counter-attack. Here's an example of turning and attacking.

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It may be a smart ass thing to say this, but, If you do not respond you will become turtle soup!

bowl of soup


Here are three ambush scenarios.  What they have in common is that the defender is surprised, flinches and then turns into the attack hitting kicking as he or she drives forward even when on the ground.

It is also true that the defenders don't stop to do damage assessment, they pour it on until they know they can safely leave.

Please Note:  The baby shown crawling around was placed very gently on the floor between taking of the still  photos used to compile this animation.  His father was just out of the camera frame watching the baby!

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents

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