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Kicks                     Throws           Chokes
Physics of Self Defense Won't I get Hurt if I fight back? Women's Attitudes
Gender Issues Size Doesn't matter Dirty Tricks
Ground Fighting I have no idea how to protect myself Improvised Weapons


Specific Self Defense Situations   an assortment of the most typical attacks on women

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents


"Never Give Up" ... even when the assault is waking up in bed with a man on top of you.

Be the frog

Unwanted Attention,
simulating being Groped in a Car (Without any windshield, or doors...etc.)

All of the materials presented in animations and videos on this web site are applicable to women even though many times the people demonstrating the techniques may be male. We have developed a site hub here which will allow you to operate as if this were its own web site.

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents


A Kick is a Kick, A Strike is A Strike, A Throw is A Throw !

whether done by a man, a woman or child.

    A Kick is a Kick,
A Strike is A Strike,
A Throw is A Throw ! 

Done by a woman, by a man or by a child

Some Self Defense Situations

Video footage of a similar situation. Hear Chrystal the young woman above  talk about her reason for training.
 As soon as possible in these and other scenarios, you should stand up, stomp on knee, ankle, ribs, head and make an escape, then call the police.

The Attacks above are examples, No matter what your situation is...

Keep counter-attacking until you can escape! Your size doesn't matter!  "Size Doesn't Matter " (if you are fast enough, really nasty, and act to injure them badly  while they are still surprised at your counter attack.)

See What we mean...  

Chrystal 5'2" 102 Pounds Versus Pat 6'4" 250 pounds


With the high likelihood that a sexual assault may take place in an environment similar to ground fighting, it is highly recommended that anyone interested in Women's Self Defense look very carefully at defenses presented there.

In addition there is much more material specifically oriented to defense from sexual assault in Core Book 7

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents


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