Grabs from the Rear, another type of Ambush

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents

Whenever possible, turn to face the attacker and

launch your counter attack...A to the FaceB to the Base.  


If you cannot turn fully around  strike back with

elbow or use head butt and other strikes or use stomp kick.


Use the parts of your body he doesn't control,

 wiggle with hips and shuck him off you

 (like getting out of a very tight pair of jeans. 

then turn and strike...even if only a partial turn.


Hold his hands in place and drop your center quickly,

turn, strike with elbow and get head control.


Turn towards him, strike, get head control,

knee him, kick him, throw him to ground and C Leave the Place.


Turn towards him, move forward. strike and knee him.


Overall Self Defense Table of Contents

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