Get off the Line of Attack!

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Get off the Line of Attack! When there is Room to Move or Step . 

Sometimes a pivot or half turn will do that.

Get off the Line of Attack!

·       Move enough to avoid his tackle/strike/kick.

·       Stay close enough to counter attack, unless the initial movement has let you escape completely.

·       Step Aside

·       Slide Forward on an Angle

·       Turn your body also called “Blading” so you do not take the full impact on his attack

Hand Shove or grab Two

Here is a common situation, a two handed shove. This could also be a grab to clothing with both hands.


Get Your hands up to Pass or Intercept his Punch, Grab, Slap

Defense to shove or grab

The response is to blade away from his push. Pivot your body. (Non-resistance)

This can be followed by whatever options you need to employ.

Now you are in position to hit or kick him and his options for the moment are very limited.

You can turn side ways, move to the outside on a 45º angle or step backwards on an angle. 

As should be clear above going backwards on the railroad tracks only means that the train will run you over a second later.


In both of these scenarios the defender on the left moves slightly off the line of attack with just moderate turn of his body

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents

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