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Listing of the Contents of the CORE Books

Book Pages Brief Descriptions of Each Book
Condensed Summary


089 Short Sections on the material which is
covered in detail in the 8 volumes.

Awareness, Self Defense Model of Responses, Threat Levels,

Basic Stances, Principles such as "Get off the Line",

Forward Engagement", Footwork, Blocking Softly,

"A to Face Targets, "Basic Strikes, "B to Base Targets", Basic Kicks,

 Simple Throws, Locks, Dirty Tricks, Improvised Weapons,

Various Attack Scenarios 

 Book 1 CORE 106 Introduction, Principles and Concepts, Awareness,
Safe Distances, "Feed him the Cheese", "A to Face",
and Strikes, EPR = Explosive Physical Response,
IED=Improvised Effective Defense,
4 K.O.'s, Center LIneTheory, Size Doesn't Matter,
Soft Blocks, "B to Base" All presented in detail
with text and large photos.
 Book 2 CORE 108 Kicks, Throw, Dirty Tricks and Improvised Weapons,
Low Line Targets, Kicks, Unbalancing, Head Control,
Joint Locks with Close-In Photos and explanatory text
as well as details on the lines of force being used,
First Strikes or Pre-emptive Defense,
All presented in detail with text and large photos.
 Book 3 CORE 078 Punch, Kick, Hair Grab, and Choke Defenses
 Book 4 CORE 069 Wrist, Arm,  Clothing Grab, Headlock, Bear Hug Defenses
All presented in detail with text and large photos.
 Book 5 CORE 069 Ground Fighting Basics, Avoiding Tackles, Fighting
when knocked down, Seated Defenses, All presented in
detail with text and large photos.
 Book 6 CORE 114 Defenses Against Weapons including Knifes, Guns. Sticks,
 Clubs and Other,  Ambushes, All presented in
detail with text and large photos.
 Book 7 CORE 098 Defense Against Rape - Includes Attitudes,
 A Table of a Set of Simple Targets, Strikes and Kicks
 as well as a Table of Responses to different attacks

Overall Self Defense Table of Contents

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